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Coal Tar Pitch: The Miraculous Self-Healing Roof Material

What makes coal tar a good choice for the extreme Texas climate? It comes down to the fact that coal tar pitch is strong in the areas that most roofing systems are weak, and it actually self heals. Before we get there, though, here’s a little information about the material itself.

What is Coal Tar Pitch?

Coal tar is what you get when you carbonize coal. It’s a very viscous brown or black liquid with applications not only in roofing, but also in pavement and road work. For a roof structure, coal tar represents the best built-up roof membrane assembly in the roofing industry. It features a number of desirable characteristics for unprecedented performance.
Benefits of Coal Tar Pitch

One of the banes of many roof structures is ponded water, which is water that pools up on the surface. Because of the unique molecular structure of coal tar, it provides a system that successfully resists ponded water, rain, and vapor, rather than absorbing them or dissolving from them. The fact that coal tar doesn’t let water penetrate its surface eliminates the need for tapered insulation.
But the most impressive benefit of coal tar pitch as a material is that it self heals! How is that possible? It’s because the material isn’t technically solid; as temperatures warm, the coal tar pitch is able to flow and fill in any cracks or fissures that appear in the roof’s surface. That means protection against hail, ultraviolet radiation, chemicals, oxidation, and of course, water!

Is It Right for You?

There are buildings where it’s difficult to have tapered insulation. Ponded water can also be an issue, especially during hurricane season when the storms are fierce. If people need to walk on the roof frequently, coal tar is a great choice.

Plus, in case you didn’t know, the longevity of coal tar pitch is phenomenal. Over a history of more than 125 years in use, coal tar roofing systems have lasted longer than almost any other type of roofing material. And if you combine this with a protected membrane like Ultra SHIELD, the effects are even stronger!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about this excellent roofing material!

Roofing above the rest,
Rudy Rodriguez
Chief Executive Dreamer

Written by Rudy Rodriguez

September 15, 2015

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