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The Truth about Our Permanent Leak Repair Warranty

Many of our customers don’t know about our P​ermanent Leak Repair Warranty—​or if they do, they simply don’t believe us!

That’s right. One property manager at a big company said that we were flat-out lying to him when we guaranteed our leak repairs.

We’d stated that no more leaks would pop up or we’d cover them, and he was suspicious. Why? It’s because he’d been paying $500 to $600 per leak for ten years, getting each fixed as it occurred, and he hadn’t yet found someone who could actually keep the roof fixed!

“We’ve Got No Leaks!”

Needless to say, he was disillusioned when he hired us, having gone through roofer after roofer over the years. But after we did a job for him on his roof, we called him a few months later to as how the roof was doing.

He said, “You guys are putting yourselves out of business. We’ve got no leaks!”

Other roofers do temporary repairs to guarantee future work for themselves, which is a really unethical practice. At Castro, we offer permanent repairs, a warranty, and the promise that if we can’t repair the roof successfully, the customer doesn’t have to pay.

The permanent leak repair warranty is virtually unheard of from roofing companies across the country. It’s just one more way we set ourselves apart in the roofing industry.

Storm Hawk Commander-in-Chief,
Rudy Rodriguez

Written by Rudy Rodriguez

January 15, 2016

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